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GSW Global™ is an international brand under which various professionals around the world collaborate to provide strategic services such as operational, legal, financial, tax, accounting, foreign trade, technology, intelligence and risk management.


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GSW Global™ welcomes everyone: engineers, accountants, lawyers, developers, entrepreneurs and other professionals… We all have talent.

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GSW Global™ is a platform for researchers, developers and interdisciplinary consultants, passionate about the implementation of innovative, global and smart solutions. Our professionals around the world collaborate to deliver strategic services across a variety of disciplines.


All the professionals who join the firm are part of the GSW Network and participate in a wide variety of projects, supporting companies from different industries, with specific challenges and needs that require a full understanding of their business and the complexity of the market in which they participate . Likewise, all our activities require a high degree of innovation to propose solutions from different perspectives and that positively impact the business of each company we support.

Our people develop theirselves in different environments, acquire significant experience in national and international assignments, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and hand in hand with global experts from different industries.


We work with high standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity. Likewise, we develop programs that contribute to generate value in our professionals; Through enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities. Also, we generate different methodologies, systems, controls and processes, that allow to realize accurate analyzes and to generate innovative solutions; All with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality and consistency in everything that we do with value for the business of our clients, generating confidence and surpassing their expectations.


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We are a professional team with an innovative and global vision. We also have a solid commitment with our internal and external collaborators; facilitating the competitiveness, proposing a model of operation and a unique working style that generates international acceptance and prestige.


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Welcome @home

Whether as a customer, product distributor or add-on professional; join the best network of strategic services. The best product platform generating value: GSW Global™

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